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Pre-Save our new EP Release today! – Featuring “Barnburner (Hockey Song)” – Available everywhere December 20, 2023

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BARNBURNER (hockey song)

Straight from the garage to the stage, Trigger Mafia is a rock revival project with a modern spin. Coming from all walks of life, the band is set on a path to personify some of the most pressing issues of today as well as document the human condition in the rawest of forms.

Thier new single BARNBURNER (Hockey Song) is the quintessential hard driving hockey anthem! 3 minutes of pure energetic game time motivation that will ramp up the team and put the audience into a frenzy!

Cam Moon, radio announcer for the Edmonton Oilers, best describes the song – “Barnburner’ intertwines hockey and music with magical precision. As Dickie Dunn said in ‘Slapshot’, it captures the spirit of the thing.”

King Richard Brodeur, Vancouver Canucks star goalie and Stanley cup finalist describes how he felt after the first listen – “That’s a cool song! Love it!”

shawn meehan

Shawn Meehan

Guitar and Lead Vocals

jay wittur

Jay Wittur

Bass and Backing Vocals

rod senft

Rod Senft

Drums and Percussion

karl oystensen

Karl Oystensen

Keys and Backing Vocals